Partnership Requirements

Lydia and Naomi, Inc. is a Bible-based Ministry offered by and for Christian women and men.  Participation in the Community Blog is open to all who profess a Christian faith practice and who create a Participant Profile.   Believing that none of us are perfect, this confidential Participant Profile establishes a foundation of transparency in the ministry and helps the ministry leadership to better serve both individuals and the ministry as a whole. This ministry of Lydia & Naomi is here for you wherever you are in life!

As a Bible-based Ministry concerned with the growth and development of Christian women and men, Lydia and Naomi, Inc. also opens the door for Leadership Ministries through our Premium Partnership.  Participation in Leadership Ministries includes partnering in the design and development of Lydia and Naomi’s:

*   Community Advisory Council

*   Regional, National and International Conferences

*   Education and Training, Workshops and Seminars

*   Facilitators’ Leadership Forum for Confidential Blogs

*   Confidential Blogs (topic specific)

Note:  The specific requirements for Premium Partnership are detailed in the Premium Partner Application.